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Terms, Privacy & Confidentiality

In this section you can find all the key documents that describe the terms on which we serve you, and the frameworks that we use to govern your privacy and confidentiality.


Our Privacy Policy is relevant to everyone who deals with us, and can be found here: Privacy Policy



The Terms on which we serve you are slightly different depending on whether you are using our Cloud service, or our On Premise software - simply reflecting the fact that one of these is a service that we run, while the other is a software product installed and run by you. You can find the respective documents here:


Cloud service - Terms of Service


On Premise license - Terms & Conditions


In some specific scenarios, we are considered under GDPR to be a Data Processor. We therefore also have our own standard Data Processing Agreement for any cases where this is relevant. You can find a copy here:


Cloud data processing agreement



Where we conduct analysis for customers or run bespoke workshops, we describe how we protect the Confidentiality of information you may give us access to here: Non disclosure agreement


Trade Compliance

We follow the guidance of the Financial Action Task Force to govern which countries we do business with. You can find the latest list of High Risk and “Monitored” jurisdictions here.


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The new identity revolves around our vision to “give code an intelligent voice” and reflects our forward-looking culture. The new logo reinforces the idea of artificial intelligence and CodeScene being there as an extra team member, guiding you toward better software and teams.

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We are proud to share this new identity with our community and hope that it will inspire all of us to write better code, build happier teams and future proof our software.