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CodeScene at universities

Give your career a head start and learn by doing

With a free CodeScene student account, you get access to a powerful visualization tool that provides feedback on your code and its quality. CodeScene’s technical debt analyses also helps you gain experience and awareness of how codebases evolve, which is knowledge that will give your career a head start.

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Student developer pack

There's no substitute for hands-on experience. Get your free CodeScene student account


Visualize systems.
See how everything
is connected

One of the major challenges with software systems is that they are largely opaque and lack visibility. We cannot pull out a sub-system, turn it around, and inspect it. This lack of visibility is part of what makes on-boarding and learning so difficult. CodeScene offers a solution via its powerful visualizations, helping you understand the big picture, allowing you to zoom in on the details and see how everything is connected

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Master technical debt-2

Master technical debt.  Bring real value to your team

Technical debt makes code more expensive to maintain than it has to be. By managing technical debt, a typical development organization can increase their feature delivery efficiency by at least 25%.

Using CodeScene's technical debt analyses to get early warnings on code health decline, will set you up for success. CodeScene provides insights about when to invest in pro-active refactorings. That knowledge will prove valuable on larger projects by letting you avoid and prevent future maintenance headaches. Your future employers and colleagues will love that