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CodeScene 3.0: Behavioral Code Analysis Reborn

Release of CodeScene 3.0 - is a complete re-design in order to make the analysis data easily actionable.

We’re proud to announce a new major release of CodeScene, version 3.0!


CodeScene 3.0 is a complete re-design in order to make the analysis data easily actionable, fit into your existing workflows, and to adapt the analysis information to different stakeholders.


The main features include auto-generated PDF reports that you can subscribe to, a new Code Health score for your hotspots, architectural-level metrics that let you analyse whole software architectures including microservices, and quality gates for CI/CD build pipelines.



CodeScene 3.0 identifies and prioritizes technical debt, lets you plan goals and actions, supervises them, and measures organizational aspects of code as well.




New Features


  • Goal Oriented Workflow for Technical Debt: Goals are specified using CodeScene’s Intelligent Notes, which is a concept that makes technical debt both transparent, contextual, and – most important – actionable. CodeScene present the status of your goals on the analysis dashboard and integrates them into the feedback loops provided by other 3.0 features such as the auto-generated reports and CI/CD quality gates.

  • Inter-Product Dashboards: CodeScene 3.0 introduces an inter-project dashboard that gives you a high-level overview of all your products. The key metrics on the dashboard, in particular the progress on the goals, point you to the products/codebases/projects in need of attention and actions.



The high-level dashboard shows that status of all your products at a glance.


  • New Analysis Dashboard with the main KPIs: The analysis results dashboard is re-designed to present the most interesting high-level findings. All elements are interactive, so click on a result to reveal the details.



CodeScene's interactive analysis dashboard presents the key social- and technical debt metrics.


  • Auto-Generated PDF Reports: CodeScene 3.0 introduces three separate PDF reports for managers, architects, and technical leaders. Using those reports, each stakeholder gets the most important information delivered without having to sign into CodeScene.



Get an auto-generated analysis report emailed to you as a PDF or create it on-demand.


  • Quality Gates for CI/CD Build Pipelines: Supervise your goals using Quality Gates to ensure that they stay on track, and that no unexpected technical debt is taken on.


delta-quality-gate (1)

Your goals are supervised in the CI/CD pipeline.


  • System Health Dashboad for Real Time Monitoring: In large systems, the primary unit of measure is the architectural level like sub-systems, components, or microservices. With CodeScene 3.0, you get a dashboard that shows you the most important development KPIs per architectural component.



The System Health dashboard lets you monitor the evolution of your sub-systems, services, or microservices.


  • Full Support for Perl 5: CodeScene now included Code Health scores, code biomarkers, and X-Ray for Perl.






  • New introductory tutorial for Behavioral Code Analysis that ensures you get the most out of CodeScene.
  • Detect complex code with ownership issues.
  • Risk prediction per architectural component.
  • Let the admin configure a text on the login screen.
  • Add the analysis project owner to the project activity monitor.
  • Introduce configurable constraints for repository and analysis result path roots, and have CodeScene auto-generate result paths.
  • Bugfix for C++ local using directives in the X-Ray analysis.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.




Get your license for CodeScene here.

Adam Tornhil

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