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CodeScene SaaS with BitBucket Hosting

CodeScene on Atlassian's Marketplace. BitBucket users can access the actionable reports, visualizations and use CodeScene as a quality gate on BitBucket Pull Requests.

Are you one of the 10 million developers who use BitBucket? Then we have some great news for you: starting today, you can analyze your BitBucket repositories via CodeScene Cloud.




How does CodeScene prioritize the parts of a codebase that will bring the most benefits to our organization?


CodeScene’s core use case is to identify, prioritize and manage Technical Debt. In a large codebase, all potential maintainability issues don’t have to – and should not – be addressed at once. CodeScene’s hotspots report shows you exactly what you need to fix and where to start. You can even use the unique X-Ray analysis that prioritizes your hotspots down to a function level. You then specify contextual information as a goal in CodeScene, and the tool will measure your progress towards that goal and keep you informed at all times.


goals-explained (1)

CodeScene raises alerts on violated goals.




The code itself is only one component of a software system


With CodeScene, you go beyond code to visualize the knowledge distribution in your codebase and also detect potential coupling between teams. Use this information as organizational feedback and as a way of streamlining communication and coordination.



CodeScene is more than just a technical analysis: detect team coordination bottlenecks and organizaitonal dependencies.




Detect delivery risks and get actionable insights.


CodeScene identifies and prioritizes code quality issues based on development trends. Integrate CodeScene into your BitBucket Pull Requests and get automated feedback and code health warnings as part of the code review. All recommendations are relevant, actionable and translates into direct business value. And of course CodeScene integrates with Jira too in order to highlight cost and work trends, which makes it easier to put the technical metrics into a delivery impact context.


codescene-tool-screenshots (1)

CodeScene puts technical metrics into a business context and makes them actionable with short feedback loops for the development organization.




We are super happy to welcome all BitBucket users to try out CodeScene Cloud!


Explore! It is easy to create and set up a [free account or a paid plan for larger projects] ( try out CodeScene. It is free for all open source repositories and (very) affordable for closed source projects. We also have a white paper to learn more about Behavioral Code Analysis and CodeScene. Read about the use cases and how they fit into your existing workflow and roles.


If you are new to CodeScene, you might want to start with the following 1-minute video that explains the field of behavioral code analysis:


What is Behavioral Code Analysis? Learn about CodeScene.


CodeScene is available as an on-premise version and as a Cloud version.

Adam Tornhil

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