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We're hiring Clojure developers -- join CodeScene and help us give code an intelligent voice

CodeScene -- the next generation of code analysis tools -- is expanding and we look for Clojure developers interested in joining us.

We are now expanding the CodeScene team, and we’re looking for developers with an interest in Clojure and functional programming.


100% remote, strong test automation, frequent deploys, and a fun product where you as a developer are also a domain expert.


Interested in joining our team of FP enthusiasts? Read more and get in touch with us via




The CodeScene Mission


Time flies – it’s already been five years since we launched CodeScene with the mission of giving code a voice. How can we visualize something as deeply technical as code while at the same time casting a light at all the other factors that impact a software project? CodeScene’s answer is a radically new approach to code analysis focused on the trends, evolution, and developer behavior in a codebase over time.


CodeScene has its roots in the book Your Code As A Crime Scene by founder Adam Tornhill (read our story here). CodeScene has evolved rapidly since 2015 and today our analysis platform is used by companies around the world. Independent studies have confirmed that CodeScene is the tool for managing technical debt.



CodeScene puts technical metrics into a business context and makes them actionable with short feedback loops for the development organization.




The CodeScene Team


CodeScene is a Swedish startup, and we have our main office in Malmö, Sweden, at the top of The Point – the largest office building in southern Sweden.


CodeScene’s back end and analysis capabilities are built with Clojure. We use React for our UI, and we run CodeScene on AWS.


We are a remote development team that is distributed across Europe. We try to keep meetings to a minimum, and team-up dynamically when needed. This means you will be able to spend most of your time on interesting problems and writing code. You’re the owner of your tasks, and get to deliver to production continuously. As part of the CodeScene team, you also get to work closely with our customers and actual users. We don’t do any Scrum: this means no sprints, no time-consuming estimation games, no scrum masters.


In non-covid19 times, the team meets in person three times a year. We also made it a tradition to go to one of the great Clojure conferences. Our choice for the past two years was ClojuTRE in Helsinki, but we’re also looking at the US conferences. It’s of course paid for by our company, and it’s a fun way of meeting and learning together.




Join CodeScene!


You need to have a strong programming background and an active interest in Clojure. You don’t need to have formal work experience with Clojure.


We offer flexible working hours, challenging problems where you break new ground in code analysis, and lots of personal freedom in how you do your work. CodeScene is a small company, and your ideas get to have a real impact.


The CodeScene platform has been doing well, and we can offer a secure long-term working relationship where you help shape the next generation of code analysis.


Contact us and we’d be happy to tell you more.

Adam Tornhil

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